Top 10 Richest Teenagers In The World

Firstly, there are rich lists for the richest men or women in several countries and rich lists of individuals working in several industries. Nevertheless, if you’re wondering who are the highest 10 richest teenagers within the world and what’s their net worth. Well, you are in the right place. Whereas, there are rich lists for all sorts of people with them categorized in some ways. Whereas there also are some children who are rich, and lots of those became wealthy before they need even had the prospect to start a career. Below during this article, you’ll find details about the list of Top 10 Richest Teenagers within the World And Their Net Worth.

Top 10 Richest Teenagers In The World

Alexandra Andreson

Net Worth ($1.2 Billion)

Firstly, When she reaches the big two oh, Alexandra Andresen is the richest teenager in the world today. Nevertheless, she will lose the title when she enters her twenties, its highly unlikely that anyone will take her other notable distinction, namely that of being the youngest billionaire in the World too.

Nevertheless, the youngest daughter of Jonah H.Andresen, the Norwegian industrialist and tobacco magnate. Also, she received 42.2% of her father’s Ferd Hedge fund business in 2007, aged just 10. Whereas, she was kept away from the press until earlier this year.

Chloe Grace Moretz

Net Worth ($12 Million)

Chloe was born in February 1997 in Atlanta, Georgia. Whereas, when she was 5 years old she helped humanistic discipline student brother Trevor read his lines, and he taught her a couple of acting techniques reciprocally. In fact, she received a Young Artist Award nomination for less than her second movie role, within the Amityville Horror remake in 2006.

Multi-talented, and known for her hard-working nature, Chloe has amassed a powerful resume of labor for somebody who remains just 19 years old. She has appeared in over forty big-budget films, had numerous guest appearances, and has also been nominated for 40 awards.

Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead

Net Worth ($10 Million)

First of all, still a few months shy of official teenage vintage, this heiress will soon be entering the ranks of the richest. Dannielynn was born in Nassau, Bahamas to actress, and former Playboy model, Anna Nicole Smith. Anna Nicole’s 20-year-old son Daniel died whilst visiting her in the hospital just three days later, and it was a sad foreboding for the future.

There were immediate allegations about Dannielynn’s parentage. Whereas anna had listed long time partner Howard K Stern as the father but that was disputed by several men


Net Worth ($9 Million)

Firstly, she used the stage name Lorde, when she began her rapid and meteoric rise to fame. Lorde was born in Auckland, New Zealand in November 1996, to Croatian and Irish parents, the young Lorde had a robust interest in performing and music.

A school talent show win led to an area station appearance. Recordings of Lorde’s performance on the radio show soon made their thanks to the desk of Scott Maclachlan of Universal Music Group (UMG) and he signed her up.

Jaden Smith

Net Worth ($8 Million)

Jaden has received a slew of positive reviews, and award show successes, in his acting career. Beginning with ‘Men in Black’ in 2002, the young star has received industry recognition for his acclaimed performance within the Karate Kid. Whereas, alongside the legendary Jackie Chan, and therefore the duo will return in 2017 for the sequel.

Also, check will smith latest 2019 movie, Gemini Man

Rico Rodriguez

Net Worth ($7 Million)

Aged 12, in 2010 Rico Rodriguez was considering being a ‘NASCAR chef going to the moon’. Whereas, whatever the young Rico had in mind with that cryptic career strategy. We never actually had an opportunity to seek out out, because fame came the way for the young actor.

He landed the role of Manny Delgado within the critically acclaimed ABC mockumentary ‘Modern Family’. These movies are showered with praise for his abilities, and awards for his performances ever since.

Elle Fanning

Net Worth ($5 Million)

She portrayed a younger version of Dakota’s characters within the 2001 movie ‘I am Sam’, also because of the series ‘Taken’, which was aged just 3. By four she was not in need of her family connections and had landed a task within the 2003 family comedy ‘Daddy Daycare’. The Australian actress remains only 18, yet has amassed a fortune of $5 Million with a busy career spanning 35 films, and a number of TV appearances, including special appearances in shows like House, Law & Order and CSI.

Bella Thorne

Net Worth ($5 Million)

Bella (Annabella Avery Thorne) to her many fans, is a writer, model, and actress. The 19-year-old, from Pembroke Pines, Florida had a few uncredited roles. Whereas, before she became known to fans of the prime time drama series ‘Dirty Sexy Money’. Whereas, in the year 2010, she played Tenancy ‘Teenie’ Henrickson in HBO’s Big Love and also starred in the Disney Teen comedy ‘Shake it up’.

Cody Simpson

Net Worth ($4.5 Million)

Australian Cody Simpson could are a champion swimmer. But, in 2009, aged just 12, he began recording songs in his bedroom and uploading them to Youtube. Whereas, his natural talent soon propelled him to fame and fortune, before he had an opportunity to follow his sporting ambitions.

In fact, his R&B classics were discovered by Shawn Campbell, executive music producer for Atlantic records, and by June 2010, Cody and his family had moved to l. a.

Willow Smith

Net Worth ($4 Million)

First of all, being the daughter of A-Lister Will Smith is always going to set you apart from the mere mortals around you. But, for Willow Smith, it wasn’t enough to lounge. Whereas, she is around the pool all day enjoying the fruits of her father’s success. In fact, the 15-year-old, born on Halloween night, 2000. She began her acting career alongside her Fresh Prince father Will in ‘I am Legend’ in 2007.

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